Wednesday December 21st is Twin Day

The SLC decided that Wednesday December 21st is Twin Day.

Find a twin, triplet, quadruplet etc… to dress alike. And since this is before the December holidays, there’s a special twist! Each member of the SLC will nominate a set of twins to have lunch.



International Day

International Day is coming and so is this year’s International Day T-shirt.  This year’s design  was created by our own May Al Munaifi.  May is a Grade 4 student in Ms. Emilie’s class.


Congratulations May!



PYP Contacts

Dear Parents,

We are honored to be the PYP Coordinators at AIS Kuwait. Please feel free to make an appointment with us or send  us an email with any of your PYP questions at

Have a wonderful year 🙂

Mrs. Andria Visser and Ms. Joanna Johami


Enhancing School Security

Dear Parents,

We are preparing to start our new security system at AIS. This system is designed to keep everyone safer while at school. As Mr. Botbyl noted in his email before the Spring Break, this system will allow access to the campus with a fingerprint.

Students will be fingerprinted (one finger) during the week of 10-14 April. Staff from our Tech Department will visit each class starting at Pre K, sequentially moving up through the grades.  Students who are absent during finger printing will be completed later in the week. Please ensure your child’s school identification card is at school for this week.

Details for parents and others to be fingerprinted will be sent out shortly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mr. Brian

A message from an AIS Grade 3 student

Today at the Flag Assembly Sarah, a grade 3 student shared a message with all of our staff students.  I thought I would share it with you as it is a wonderful example of a student thinking deeply about their learning and taking action to change the world.

“It’s about life and some games.  Sometimes it’s about winning.  Sometimes it’s not at all.  You should be strong.  You should be so happy every day.  We all cry, but you shouldn’t cry everyday.  If you don’t win at something you might win at other things in life.  But you always get to win in life.  You always try your best in things that you do not and do know.  Some day you might think back and say, “I wish I could do this.” and believe me, you can.”   Sarah, Grade 3